Recruitment of new hams and League members is an integral part of the job of every Section Manager. Section Managers should take advantage of every opportunity to recruit a new ham or member to foster growth of Field Organization programs, and our abilities to serve the public. Section Appointments

Key leadership appointees must be carefully selected. They must be qualified and motivated to head up the specialized phases of League activity as mentioned previously. They, of course, must be ARRL Full Members. SMs can delegate much authority to them in administering these specialized areas, thereby making the section organization more efficient and lightening the SM's workload. SMs may wish to recruit, appoint and supervise the following section-level leadership officials who will serve under them and administer the following programs:


  • Section Manager's deputy
  • Emergency Communications
  • Traffic Handling
  • Volunteer Monitoring/Official Observers
  • Affiliated Clubs
  • Public Information
  • State Government
  • Technical Activities


  • Assistant Section Manager (ASM)
  • Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC)
  • Section Traffic Manager (STM)
  • Official Observer Coordinator (00 Coordinator.)
  • Affiliated Club Coordinator (ACC)
  • Public Information Officer (PlO)
  • State Government Liaison (SGL)
  • Technical Coordinator TC)

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